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Optimization of water use in irrigated fields - Western Cape, South AfricaEvapotranspiration measurements in irrigated fields in cooperation with Stellenbosch UniversityPlant ecophysiology studiesNew sensors - development of an computer-controlled minirhizotron systemDetermination of water and nutrient use efficiencyLinking ecophysiology and microclimate in agroforestry systemsShort-rotation forestryForest tree ecophysiologyNew bioenergy cropsSoil-plant interactions

Research and Development

  • Research on soil-plant-atmosphere processes for application in agriculture and forestry 
  • Providing basic data for plant growth, water use and nutrient effciency 
  • Improvement of the efficiency and sustainability of the production of biomass and raw material
  • Development of new bioenergy crops
  • From research to application: integration of ecological based results into new production system
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